Learn how Sol-Ark saves you money
Sol-Ark saves your appliances from EMP
Learn how Sol-Ark saves you money


Systems can be sized for any budget and save thousands on your electric bills. Sol-Ark even qualifies for the 30% federal tax credit to save you even more on your taxes. Price now


Sol-Ark can expand to meet your energy needs, starting with 3 panels and 4 batteries and goes all the way up to 15 panels and 16 batteries. No need to buy another unit, just add panels and batteries… Build your system now

Easy Install

Sol-Ark can be used as soon as you unpack it. Our online videos and free U.S based engineering support make it easy to install Sol-Ark yourself in less than an hour. No need for expensive permits or installers… Learn how

Sol-Ark Solar generator
6000 Watt Peak Pure Sine Inverter

260 Watt Panels
Patent Pending Self-Storing Stands

48V 110Ah
Sealed AGM Batteries


  • If you are interested in solar power and acquiring a system to harness some of the energy produced by the sun, you have come to the right place… As a novice in the world of solar energy, I am so thankful to have someone of such great integrity, conscience and reliability to turn to for my solar energy needs.

    -Ted Harrod, TX

  • “With Sol-Ark, you will have peace of mind with “the most well thought out solar generator on the market.” “Not EMP resistent – EMP Hardened!”
    – Scott Hunt (Engineer775)
  • “The Sol-Ark system is the best off grid/battery backup on the market today. Integrates well with the electrical grid and is easy to install and use. ”

    – Joe Mathis

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No fumes, gasoline, or maintenance
Unlike gas generators
Save on electric bills
Instantly powers your critical appliances in the event of a grid outage

Expandable from 3-15 solar panels and 4-16 batteries
Easy Install:
Setup in as little as 30 minutes.
EMP Hardened:
Uses Military Designs to protect Sol-Ark and your appliances

Powers these Essential Appliances and More!