Learn how Sol-Ark saves you money
Sol-Ark saves your appliances from EMP and Lightning 
Learn how Sol-Ark saves you money

Dependable Energy With or Without an Electric Company

Our Proprietary Sol-Ark System helps reduce electric bills & gives you power when storms knock out your power

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  • 30% Federal Tax credit up to $3,500
  • Reduces Electric Bills up to $7,500
  • Starting at $4,100 after tax credit
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EMP proof portable solar generator


  • Up to 15 Panels and 16 Batteries
  • Power your essentials and save your food
  • Sol-Ark Named Best Solar Generator 2016
  • Build your system now
EMP proof portable solar generator

Easy Install

  • No professional install needed save up to $5,000
  • No permits required save up to $1,500
  • Take it with you when you move
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EMP proof portable solar generator
EMP proof portable solar generator


  • If you are interested in solar power and acquiring a system to harness some of the energy produced by the sun, you have come to the right place… As a novice in the world of solar energy, I am so thankful to have someone of such great integrity, conscience and reliability to turn to for my solar energy needs.

    -Ted Harrod, TX

  • “With Sol-Ark, you will have peace of mind with “the most well thought out solar generator on the market.” “Not EMP resistent – EMP Hardened!”
    – Scott Hunt (Engineer775)
  • “The Sol-Ark system is the best off grid/battery backup on the market today. Integrates well with the electrical grid and is easy to install and use. ”

    – Joe Mathis

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No fumes, gasoline, or maintenance
Unlike gas generators
Save on electric bills
Instantly powers your critical appliances in the event of a grid outage

Expandable from 3-15 solar panels and 4-16 batteries
Easy Install:
Setup in as little as 30 minutes.
EMP Hardened:
Uses Military Designs to protect Sol-Ark and your appliances

Powers these Essential Appliances and More!
EMP proof portable solar generator