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There’s a reason why Sol-Ark was named “The most well thought out solar generator on the market” in 2016!

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We’ve engineered Sol-Ark to be the best solar generator solution on the market, and we never stop improving or innovating.

Below we have put together some easy to read charts comparing the comparable Sol-Ark unit to the comparable competitor unit. Got questions on any of these comparisons? We’d love to hear from you.

Compare the Tesla PowerWall to the Sol-Ark system:

Compare Sol-Ark to the Tesla PowerWallCompare Sol-Ark to Humless Reliable Power SystemsCompare Sol-Ark to Be Prepared SolarCompare Sol-Ark to Sun RnRCompare Sol-Ark to Solutions from ScienceCompare Sol-Ark to Total Solar InnovationsCompare Sol-Ark to Total Solar InnovationsCompare Sol-Ark to Grid EraserCompare Sol-Ark to AIMS Power