Will EMP kill LED lights, Telephones, HAM radios?

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Will EMP kill LED lights, Telephones, HAM Radios? What about your LED flashlights? What about regular old fashion bulbs? Are these safe from EMP? Can you put these items in a Faraday cage to protect them? What about EMP protective bags? Are these any good? We answer these questions and more! 

There has been lots of talk about North Korea launching a missile our way and plunging the USA into darkness. How would they do this? all North Korea has to do is launch a low-yield nuclear missile from a submarine, ship, or even by balloon and explode it at high altitude, above the atmosphere. They are conducting tests often and they can reach the united states by firing directly from North Korea as well.

The experts believe There will be:

“Electronic Armageddon-(Business Insider July 8 2017)

In practical terms, a catastrophic blackout would be worst in cities, because it would instantly deprive the population of access to drinking water, refrigeration, heat, air conditioning, and telecommunication. Food stores would be looted within a matter of days, and gas stations would cease to function without electricity.

Without Internet access and power, all commerce and advanced methods of communication would stop. There would be no TV, radio, phones. Credit card transactions and cash withdrawals at banks would be impossible. Paper money would become worthless, and Bitcoin would cease to exist, along with the stock market.”

As you can see many experts say nothing is going to work. You might have wondered who can you trust. Are these experts just trying to scare us or will EMP kill LED lights, Telephones, HAM Radios which will affect the masses?

Well, guess no more. Here at Portable Solar we have been hard at work to bring you a new EMP testing video! In this one we see what happens when LED flashlights & bulbs, HAM radios, and home phones get hit by an EMP. We also explore if Faraday cages and bags work to protect these items. We have in house EMP generators that can simulate greater than 50KV/m EMPs and as you will see in the video, the impact they have may surprise you.

Turn up the sound and watch as this video helps answer these questions. 

While we hope our EMP hardening technology is never needed, it is our goal to help as many families prepare as possible. Visit our website to learn more about EMP and our products. We manufacture the Sol-Ark, an EMP hardened solar generator that is off-grid ready. Sol-Ark is designed to keep your critical appliances powered with or without the grid and all the while saving you money on your electric bill.

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